Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Movie Hero

If you haven't seen the movie "Hero" here is a little summary:

"In a distant war torn land, a ruthless emperor is rising to power with an iron fist and his massive armies. To control everything, he will stop at nothing. International action star Jet Li is a fearless warrior with no name on a mission of revenge for the massacre of his people"

There is one scene in the movie when "Jet Li" is about to fight an opponent. Before they fight both "Jet Li" and his opponent visualize the entire fight, they close their eyes and go through every move and every countermove their opponent will make.

This is the type of visualization we should strive for when solving problems, we should be able to visualize the solution from start to finish in our minds.

There are other things we can learn from the movie, training techniques at first we imitate our teacher, then we practice perfectly, then we can employ the techinques in actual problem solving situations.

John G.


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