Thursday, June 07, 2007

P.S, P.S.

As a post script to post script I would like to say, that there are no guaretees but there are probabilities. Some people might reason that if there isn't a guarantee of a breakthrough then why should they make an effort to study theoretical physics? The reason is that the probability of making a breakthrough is much higher if you do try than if you don't try. The probability that you will make a breakthrough is higher if you study hard and go to a good university, the probabilities are higher if you try to develop new ideas or at least new directions.

Sometimes the physical concepts, mathematical concepts, and the technology are available to make a breakthrough, someone simply has to reorient their thinking to see it. Sometimes neither the physical concepts, mathematical concepts, nor the technology is available, the problem is that we as people, constrained by results/insights/knowledge of our time, cannot determine which of the two scenarios obtains. This is why it is crucial that we try, for our attempts and our mini-breakthroughs will eventually add up possibly allowing someone in the future to make a major breakthrough.


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