Sunday, January 18, 2009

Teaching Pt. 11

Given that different schools may have different approaches, we need some method to determine whether or not an effective approach to education will have a good chance of working at a particular school. We need a method to measure how similar or how different two schools are.


In this respect we may learn something from business. The question is, how do corporations know whether or not a certain franchise will work consistently in a certain location? This may sound odd, but the reasoning is, if businesses can profile something as fickle as consumer demand to determine the best location to set up a franchise, then it should be possible to use similar methods to profile the student base and other factors to determine the most effective approach to education in a particular location.

One such method is advertised in the following website:

This method can be applied to every school in the US and organized into a database, then if a particular school wants to improve student outcomes, it will search the database for the highest performing school with the most similar student profile and most similar factors and copy every single detail of that school.

This method will also help instructors improve student outcomes, because instructors will have a technique by which to decide between competing teaching methodologies, e.g employ the teaching methodologies used by the highest performing schools with the most similar student profile and most similar factors.

This method will also help administrators because they will have a guide as to how to organize every aspect of their school.

Given that no two schools are exactly alike, some problems may arise, this is when the online forum is helpful. Super-instructors and super-administrators will be available to help solve problems that may arise due to profile differences. In addition the case study database will be available to help schools find solutions to common problems. In fact by combining the case study database with the profile analytics, it will be only a matter of time before all problems in education are solved.

There may be problems that no school has found a solution to yet, in this case the online forum is helpful, because everyone can offer different possible solutions. Then each possible solution is rated by instructor and administrators, as to how effective the possible solution is under actual conditions. The highest rated possible solutions are then emphasized and analyzed according to the profile analytics.

Once schools across the country are working at peak performance, for their particular location. Educational research will provide methods by which to continually improve student performance.

John G.


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