Monday, December 27, 2004

Know Thyself

Knowing oneself is very important, not only in mathematics but in life. Knowing one's character is very important, for you will see your strengths and weaknesses.

In mathematics or physics your weaknesses usually expose themselves as lack of mastery, lack of attention to detail, lack of consistency, pushing a problem through even though you know you missed or passed over a critical detail, etc. Sometimes one's weakness only shows up under certain conditions like a quiz or a test.

If you can identify your weakness try to turn it into strength by constantly training yourself in activities that involve your weakness somehow, push yourself to overcome your weakness everyday until you gradually turn it into strength. If its test taking take a test everyday and time yourself until you not only get all the questions correct but you feel comfortable with test taking.

One's weaknesses have the tendency to show up in the most inopportune time, and if one doesn't do something to deal with them they may become a barrier to one's progress.

John G.


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