Saturday, July 28, 2007

Climate Change

I have avoided the topic of climate change because of its political ramifications, but I felt impelled to reply to all of the anthropogenic climate change skeptics out there.

Much of the popular media has not presented either the basics of anthropogenic climate change or a balanced analysis of pro and con arguements. Much to popular media's dismay the pro arguements are much stronger than the con arguments, the problem is that we rarely hear any response from climate scientists to the con arguements presented in popular media, leading people to think such arguements don't exist, but they do.

First we start with a website operated by reputable climate scientists that present nearly all the facts dealing with climate change. They present the papers, the theories, and the arguements for anthropogenic climate change. They also present arguements against anthropogenic climate change and rigorously show how nearly every such argument is flawed.This is possibly the best website on climate change:

Real Climate:

The website is extensive so here is a link for beginners:

Here is a website that goes straight to the core of the matter, presenting powerful and devastating counterarguments to nearly every anthropogenic climate change counterargument:

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic:

John G.


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