Sunday, March 01, 2009

Teaching Pt. 18

Once, all or nearly all the students are in school, now we can start working on them. It is not enough to attend school, the student must actively partake in the educational process. One key part of the educational process is studying. The following is best for use in middle schools and high schools.

It is difficult to learn and master complex material in 45-60 min, most students can learn only so much in a given amount of time. So it is imperative that students be taught how to study and use the study techniques everyday.

To ensure that students do study, schools may consider making studying a part of the school day. For example, after the student's last class, each student will be sent to another classroom to study and do homework - correctly.

Both the classroom and the students in the classroom will be randomized. During the last class of the day the instructor will receive a list indicating where each student in class will be studying. For example student 1 - Room bbb, student 2 - Room cbb, student 3 - Room aaa and so on. The choice will be made by computer using a random number generator. It may be helpful if boys and girls are sent to separate study rooms, this can be programmed into the computer.

It may also be helpful if instead of programming where each student goes, to choose a specific room and choose at random which students will go in the room. It may be helpful if the program has options to keep certain groups of students apart, for example groups of friends that have a record of causing trouble. During the study session cell phones, gaming systems, ipods, or any other source of distraction will be placed in a safe box to ensure the student focus on one thing and one thing only - studying.

In addition it may be helpful if motivational material is played over the PA system, during the study session, to encourage students to achieve. The volume must be low enough to make sure it does not disturb the students while studying.

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