Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IQ and Genetics II

I think I should add to my previous statements regarding IQ. Given that if IQ is partially or even mostly genetic then it implies that the part of the brain/mind responsible for general cognitive ability is simply an algorithm.

The issue will then turn to the ability learn and execute the algorithm. Computer science states there are certain basic computational requirements to emulate another machine, basically the machine must be a Universal Turning Machine:

Universal Turning Machine

Hence any human capable of performing the actions of the Universal Turing Machine will be able to reason at the highest IQ level. Of course in reality the algorithm will be tailored to humans and will not be in binary, but the above argument shows that this is theoretically feasible.

Another question that may arise is; if it is possible to emulate the cognitive algorithm of anyone else, then why aren't there more geniuses? The quick answer is because we don't have the complete cognitive algorithm of any genius. In fact it may be impossible for the genius him or herself to explain their own cognitive algorithm, for it would require a meta-algorithm above and beyond their own cognitive algorithm which falls victim to Godel's incompleteness theorem. The best we can do is read their thoughts in their journals, diaries, and notes, which give us a partial insight into their cognitive algorithm.

Some might ask if it is possible to emulate at least partially the cognitive algorithms of others then why are there so many people with low IQ's? Since we cannot load the algorithm via a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM into our minds we must content ourselves with guessing at the cognitive algorithm and then trying to execute that algorithm. Since we are really emulating another mind it will be very computationally demanding to input and execute the algorithm. As such it will take time for our brains to make themselves efficient at executing the partial cognitive algorithm.

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i love your website, it is very comprehensive and truly helps spread the love of math/science from a students perspective. oftentimes professors and the well accomplished mathematicians are elitists. i'd like to talk with you further through e-mail if possible.
keep the good work up! - Ron

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