Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Standarized Tests II

As an addendum to my last post, another thought conditioning technique is something similar to the Christian saying, "what would Jesus do?", but in our case it would be "how would a high test scorer think?".

First one should think, then one make sure that every thought has an element of problem solving, analytical thinking, and reasoning required on standardized tests, then one should ask "how would a high test scorer think?", then one would think through a high test scorer thought process. Just as asking oneself "what would Jesus do?" becomes a habit, asking oneself "how would a high test scorer think?" should also become a habit. Also, the person should take practice exams everyday with the goal of besting your previous score and then one should analyze the test to see how a high test scorer would have answered every question. Then retake the test using the high test scorers thought process.

If every thought is conditioned by this technique, eventually thinking like someone who scores high on tests will become natural and therefore the child will also score high on standardized exams.


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