Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Practice Exam Score Analysis

It would be ideal if a scantron machine where developed that could automatically upload test results to a central computer, basically a networked scantron machine. In this manner the principal or whoever manages the student test outcomes of the school can, on a daily basis, get a view of the practice test scores throughout the school.

Everyday the person in charge can determine if test scores are increasing and are on track to meet their goals by the end of the year. In addition the administration can determine if certain programs are working or not working by looking at the overall school test scores. In this manner the administration is not surprised with low test scores at the end of the year. Now, in order to accurately guage student performance the school will need a standard by which to compare the test scores. Not in terms of test itself, rather in terms of the percentage of students who score above a certain amount. Even if these standards are exceedingly high, it is better to set high standards and miss than to set low standards and meet them.

John G.


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