Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teaching Pt. 18 Addendum

As an addendum to my previous post on studying, it may also be helpful to teach and constantly emphasize time management techniques. In many respects a large part of studying is time management. Without effective time management, productive studying becomes difficult, if not impossible. Without sufficient time to study and correctly do the homework, doing well at school becomes difficult.

Time management allows the student to organize their time such that they do well at school, spend quality time with friends and family, and work (if need be). In this manner the student is not constantly worrying about studying during their free time or constantly wishing he or she had more free time during study time.

So it may be helpful if middle schools, high schools, and even colleges suggest and constantly emphasize some of the most effective time management techniques. Some schools may even go so far as to produce actual study and life schedules of some of their most effective students. This way it becomes easier for the student to structure their time so that they can have a life AND do well at school. In fact some colleges actually instruct their students on time management and studying.

Effective time management is even more critical as the student approaches adulthood and enters the workforce. As a student leaves high school and enters college time management and studying is even more important since the room for error is smaller and the classes more demanding. As the student graduates college, and enters the workforce time management will allow him/her to do quality work without excessive effort.

If a student can master time management and studying, then success is almost assured.

John G.


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